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for PowerPoint, video and online media.


We create high-end PowerPoints, infographics, videos and online applications corresponding to your corporate design.

Our artists are readily available for your entire production or to ease your workload during bottlenecks.

Save up to 50% in time and costs, and optimise the visualisation and clarity of your statements.

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We work according to the principle, “two heads are better than one”, which guarantees impeccable output.

Our artists advance their creative and technical training on a regular basis, so they can always live up to your highest expectations.

We have observed every delivery date thus far, however tight, and we often walked the famous extra mile in order to delight our customers and their audiences.



An image that is not consistent across the various platforms has a serious impact on your branding.

With safe and elaborate workflows, we guarantee homogeneous audiovisual results across all media, be it PowerPoint, video or online.

This helps us ensure a consistent presence and support the strengthening of your brand.

Rund-um Service


Have you entered a critical/heated/ feverish project phase? Are you in need of substantial relief? Contact us! Upon request we are also available round-the-clock.

Profit from of our exceptional, ample media competence and our distinct service understanding.

Think of us as a one-stop-shop for your corporate media.

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Volumen Produktion


Our artists and large network of specialists orchestrate processes perfected over the years.

This makes us ideally positioned to also master high volumes.

If needed, you can book a personal team with us – with guaranteed availability.



Your data will be secure! Data storage on our in-house servers is fully redundant, communication channels are encrypted, and public cloud applications are excluded.

Our external servers are maintained by a certified service provider, and all data are located exclusively in Germany.

All our employees and partners are bound to confidentiality by contract.



The production of digital media is ever changing and thus needs to be adapted deliberately, following the current trends. That is our job/calling!

Our advisors are trained media designers from different/varying sectors who will support you in finding the right approach and perfect visualisation for your content.

Benefit from our creative media knowledge and let us help your content reach its target.

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With our proven storytelling methods, we present your content vividly, creating inspiring images, so that your audience truly appreciates your concepts and become promoters of your vision.

Our professional media training will enhance your communication.

Profit from a best practice based on our longstanding collaboration with executives.

Our service in detail Unser Service im Detail…
for Leaders
Digital Leadership


Today’s digital age makes new demands, especially on executives. There are pressing, current questions that need to be answered understandably, and they need to be communicated plausibly both internally as well as externally.

We are passionate media designers with a focus on enterprise.

We are passionate about using media to turn complex systemic connections into clearly formulated content.

C-Level Premium Service


The day-to-day life of an executive is always on a tight schedule, information and data are usually received at the last minute.

We have adapted ourselves and our processes to this requirement and are very well prepared to deal with tight deadlines, short briefing periods and ad hoc changes in content and timing.

In short, we are used to dynamic, agile work.

Design meets Business


Top-down communication requires its own language, a deep knowledge of the management’s design and control functions, and presumes a keen awareness of stakeholders’ sensitivities.

Our years of collaboration with one of the three largest strategy consulting firms in the world has taught us well.

What drives us each day is our mission to successfully communicate your business excellence in a sophisticated form.

for Leaders


Professional storytelling orchestrates your content along a striking concept, opening the eyes and ears of your audience and the recipients of your message.

Get your ideas and concepts across as effectively and comprehensively as possible.

With catchy storytelling, create the best premises for successfully implementing and realising your message.

PowerPoint Manufaktur


Extremely important presentations must be illustrated flawlessly.

We specialize in presentation that are inspiring and convincing. We use PowerPoint as a flexible tool for subtle infographics, texts which are kept brief and to the point, and animation and top-quality videos to support the storyline.

Benefit from our years of experience in creating top-quality presentations for target groups and events of any kind.

Event Advisory

Event Advisory

Events set the stage for the message you want to convey, and are thus important milestones in the communication of executives.

A successful presentation with a lasting effect is based on a clear story presented confidently and personably.

Together, we engineer your compelling story, and create the visual illustrations according to the occasion. If necessary, we also help you enhance you presence.


The following examples will give you an impression of how we prepare your content professionally, which will help you reach and convince your target groups.

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